The Rose Seller of Megève

I have watched her now for over twenty years
And I have never seen her sell a rose
Twice a day she does her rounds of the local restaurants

Bonjour Monsieur Madame
Voudrez-vous un rose?
Merci. Bon(ne) après-midi / soirée
(Hello. Would you like a rose?
Thank you. Have a nice afternoon/evening)

She moves quickly between the tables
(Perhaps too quickly to sell her roses)
So polite—and always with a smile
She is elegant, fashionable even,
And has become more so over the years

Present like a character in a film
A backdrop to our lives
She sells her roses to lovers

One day I will surprise her and buy all her roses
I want to see her face light up
And her enigmatic smile turn to joy

Photo from Pixabay under Creative Commons

Author: Jonathan

After 37 years as a commodity trader and analyst, Jonathan Kingsman is now the editor of Jonathan is married with four grown up children and lives in Lausanne Switzerland. He is the Editor of The Sugar Trading Manual and author of The Sugar Casino, Commodity Conversations and Godstone, his first novel.

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